Viser indlæg fra marts, 2023

TLRC Update #2/2023

      TLRC Update #2/2023   To the members of the TLRC Committee Community/ Translation and Linguistic Rights Committee of PEN International   Las versiones en español y francés se pueden encontrar a continuación. Pour les versions espagnole et française, voir plus bas. Dear all, This Update #2 from the TLRC Steering Committee/International PEN gives you an update on the Video Poem Marathon. We invite you to go and see the videos on the internet, be it Youtube, Facebook, Twitter. We also kindly ask you to share the videos on social media, via your mail correspondence, WhatsApp, Messenger etc. Also we give you an update on scheduled meetings, and more. Enjoy!   Calendar Monthly online TLRC Steering Committee meetings planned for second Thursday of the month at 11:00 London time. Everyone can contribute. If you wish to contribute, pl