Viser indlæg fra januar, 2023

Conversation with Nakisanze Segawa, board member of Uganda PEN

  Nakisanze Segawa is a board member of Uganda PEN and chair of the Women's Committee. Nakisanze works as a journalist for the American based Global Press Journal which has a focus on local events and social issues. Visit Global Press Journal here /. It´s free to subscribe for the journal. Donations are of course welcome. The journal also aims to empower women journalists. I was lucky to meet Nakisanze for lunch at the Café Javas, Kampala Road, dowmtown Kampala, January 14, 2023. Our conversation focused mainly on the language situation in Uganda, a country with many local languages, but to a large extent dominated by the colonial language English. Why is this? Even though primary schools teaches the kids local languages through the first years, an increasing number of well educated citizens belonging to the middle classes in the bigger cities as well as an increasing number of foreigners moving to Uganda consider the local languages to have an inferior status. So they don't le