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Going back to Britain’s Statute of Anne (the first copyright act) of 1709, humankind has recognized the need to enact laws to safeguard intellectual property. In 1886 the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works was accepted, having been championed by Victor Hugo. It was then, and is now, an enlightened idea to acknowledge how individual creation and discovery elevates our collective humanity. Link here /.

PEN Uganda

  Uganda PEN in Translation and Linguistic Rights Committee (TLRC) I had the pleasure to meet with Danson Kahyana of PEN Uganda on the last day of November 2021, at the Jolly Court Hotel on Ggaba Road, Kampala. Sylvester Danson Kahyana is former President of Ugandan PEN. He holds a Ph.D. in Literature from Stellenbosch University, South Africa. He teaches literature at Makerere University. He writes poetry, short stories and children’s books. Besides my personal wish to meet Danson in person I met with him as the representative of the Translation and Linguistic Rights Committee Working Group (TLRC) of International PEN, carrying with me an invitation to Danson to join the Working Group of TLRC, representing partly Pen Uganda, partly representing the many local languages of Eastern Africa. And there are, believe me, many. Fortunately for us, Danson accepted. Danson also declared his willingness to produce one or two or three short videos in local languages to be shown in relation